I Have worked with Luis(Lucho) on and off for four seasons in Colorado. Luis is a professional at all times. His skills on the river and with customers is what every owner hopes in all his guides. Courtesy, eye contact and an easy going style are the trademarks that Luis is know for. Luis has an obvius love for the river that shows up when he is guiding guests. The feedback that I have received from our customers has always been positive. I have been guiding on rivers for twenty-eight seasons and have worked with many guides from around the World. Luis ranks very high on my list as a guide that works hard and keeps a great attitude day after day during long hot seasons on the river.


Willian (Billy) Mattison

Mountaineer and Assistant Director of the Vail Ski Patrol

Menber Team Golite/Timberland

World Champion Eco Challenge Team Vail Morocco 1998

Vail.Co 81657

Tel:(970) 476-2308




Luis (Lucho) Vizcarra worked for Timberline Tours In Colorado for 5 seasons . He proved himself to be a fine Class lll and Class lV ,V guide and a trip leader. I have had Timberline Tours for almost 40 years, and have employed thousands of guides from all around the World. Lucho is one of the finest young men I have had the pleasure to work with. Consider your self “Lucky” if you have the opportunity to spend time with this great guide.

Frank Vizcarra was a rafting guide for Timberline Tours in Colorado, USA, for two seasons. He proved to be a customer favorite, with an easy outgoing personality . If you get the chance to spent some time with this young man , DO IT !!

Greg Kelchner

Owner Timberline Tours International Whitewater



Eagle , CO. 81631 USA

Vail, Co. 81658 USA



The purpose of this letter is to inform you that Frank Vizcarra was employed by the Eagle Care Medical Clinic, a department of the Vail Valley Medical Center. He came to the clinic in the midst of a severe staffing shortage. The Eagle Care Clinic was very fortunate to have Frank as an employee. He was able to work the admissions desk where he answered phone calls, registered patients, charged patients and collected money. He learned the specialized computer program utilized by the clinic. This position is truly the most difficult position in the clinic. The population served faces economic, social and political barriers in additional to their health care needs. Nearly all the population speaks Spanish. The position can be extremely stressful. Frank did a fine job managing this fast-paced, complex enviromment


Beth Reilly MPH

Eagle Care Medical Clinic Manager

P.O. BOX 40,000

Tel. 970-476-2451

Vail, CO 81658




Lucho has proven to be an outstanding guide and his skills have lead him to be qualified on every stretch of river we do, including GORE CANYON and the Numbers on the Arkansas River. Lucho has terrific customer service skills and has received countless positive guest comments. As with any rafting company, being a guide requires the ability to remain flexible and positive. Lucho is both.

Chris “Mongo” Reeder

Captain, U.S. Rafting Team

P.O. Box 131

Vail, CO. USA 81658



Frank Vizcarra has been employed at Timberline Tours Whitewater Rafting and Jeep tour Company in Eagle Colorado for the last two summers seasons. He has great river skills and good customer skills, with the clientele, on and off the river.When asked to help out around the boathouse he is always willing to take on whatever endeavor is asked of him.


Lisa G. Reeder

Timberline Tours

Director of Sales and Operations


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